APA's Projects at a Glance

Civil Society Capacity Building

Giving voices to those that have none

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Development Education

Educating young people in Ireland

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Water and Sanitation for Health

Facilitating equal access to clean water

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About Ethiopia and Tanzania

Where do we work? What's it like?

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APA at a Glance

A Partnership with Africa is an NGO based in Dublin, Ireland that was founded in 2004 and is a registered company and charity. APA works on empowering women, girls, and children in Ethiopia and Tanzania to access their rights, rebuild their lives and dignity, and earn a living wage from their work. Our main tasks are helping orphaned children go to school and find new homes; preventing HIV infection, violence, early marriage, and exploitative working conditions of women and girls; ensuring inclusion of ethnic minorities; and establishing clean water sources. APA is also involved with the creation of development education curriculum for students in Ireland to learn about global inequality.